Michael Strahan Reveals the Personal Items He's Bringing to Space on Blue Origin Flight

The Good Morning America anchor's packing list includes a lucky charm

Exclusive - Strahan - What he’s Bringing to Space Michael Strahan - Blue Origin NS-19
Photo: Blue Origin

Michael Strahan is getting ready for takeoff.

The Good Morning America anchor, 50, is packing for Blue Origin's third human flight into space, which takes off Dec. 9. Ahead of the adventure, Strahan's list of personal items for the trip have been shared exclusively with PEOPLE – including a few heirlooms and a lucky charm. The retired NFL star had to heed a 3-lb. weight limit for his personal belongings, so he chose carefully.

When Strahan shoots into space, he'll take along the 12 shell casings from the 12-gun salute performed at his father Gene's funeral, his Super Bowl XLII Ring, his Pro Football Hall of Fame Ring of Excellence and two watches: a pocket watch that belonged to his maternal grandfather, and a rare De Bethune DB28 Kind of Blue Z timepiece with a celestial face and moon-phase function. He'll also bring up a pearl necklace from his girlfriend Kayla Quick's late grandmother, his ABC and FOX employee ID cards and a lucky $2 bill.

Exclusive - Strahan - What he’s Bringing to Space Michael Strahan - Blue Origin NS-19
Blue Origin

In honor of the occasion, the Michael Strahan brand has teamed up with Blue Origin for a limited-edition pullover hoodie, which is already sold out!

"Whether my New York Giants jersey, a concert t-shirt, or a suit for your wedding day, what we wear can help define significant moments in life. Not only does the clothing make you feel good in the moment, it ties to memories that live on," Strahan says in a statement shared with PEOPLE. "I am excited to be able to create this limited-edition collaboration with Blue Origin to not only commemorate this once in a lifetime moment – but it gives fans of space travel the chance to share in this journey with me."

The news anchor will be one of six crew members launched into space by Jeff Bezos' aerospace company from a remote launch site in West Texas Thursday at 9 a.m. local time.

Strahan revealed the out-of-this-world news on GMA last month, explaining that covering the historical first Blue Origin launch in July inspired him to join the December launch.

"Blue Origin, they approached me and they asked if I wanted to be a crew member," Strahan said on the morning show. "Without hesitation, I said yes."

Blue Origin will provide coverage of the NS-19 flight on their website that day starting at 90 minutes before launch.

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