'Mean-Mugging' Baby Doesn't Seem Thrilled to Be Getting Her Photo Taken in Hilarious Photoshoot

"She's either mean-mugging non-stop, or just unimpressed" Christian Musa said of his three-week-old daughter Luna

angry baby
Photo: Justine Tuhy Photography

Just like adults, not every baby is into smiling for photos!

In a hilariously adorable photoshoot that went viral earlier this week, newborn Luna won over the hearts of thousands by “mean-mugging” for the camera — an expression which her parents say comes naturally to their baby girl.

“She’s been mean-mugging since day one,” Christian Musa told Good Morning America of his three-week-old daughter, who was born on Nov. 15. “She’s either mean-mugging non-stop, or just unimpressed.”

Musa went on to explain that while Luna was getting her photos taken on Monday, he and his wife Lori focused on relaxing, and had no idea what facial expressions she was making until photographer Justine Tuhy sent them the images, which they found hilarious.

angry baby
Luna Musa. Justine Tuhy Photography

Full of praise for her subject, Tuhy wrote on Facebook that “these might just be the best baby facial expressions I have ever captured!”

“Mom and Dad both said she came out with this same face! I just love it!” she added in a post that has been shared over 49,000 times since Tuesday.

However, despite the sour look on her face, Tuhy told GMA that Luna was “completely content the entire time.”

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Of course, Luna’s parents had no idea the rest of the Internet would get such a big kick out of their daughter’s facial expressions.

“What we thought was funny was my sister-in-law texted us and said, ‘One of my patients came over and told me to look at this cute baby and I was like, ‘That’s my niece,'” Musa told GMA. “We’ve seen her face on Game of Thrones characters, Baby Yoda, everywhere.”

And while Tuhy was the one responsible for sharing Luna’s photos, she’s not afraid to give the newborn all of the credit.

“All I was doing was my job. Miss Luna did all the incredible work with her silly facial expressions,” she said.

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