November 07, 2017 11:53 AM


In June 2016, Dominique Davis dressed herself and her 4-year-old daughter, Penny, in matching T-shirts one morning, then noticed that her other daughter, Amelia, 11, had emerged from her bedroom wearing the same striped Breton tee.

The 31-year-old blogger, who lives in the town of Durham, in the U.K., decided to capture the moment and posted a pic of her and the girls on her Instagram page, quickly garnering 14,000 likes. 

Courtesy Dominique Davis

From there, Davis, a single mom, posted another photo of the three using watermelons to mimic smiles, and “All That Is Three” was officially launched on her “All That Is She” blog. Davis’ Instagram account now has 391k followers who look forward to seeing a new pic of her and her daughters every week, dressed in matching outfits as they do everything from eat cereal to play with autumn leaves and impersonate Mary Poppins.


Courtesy Dominique Davis

“The response from around the world was so positive that we decided to keep it going and it’s been running for over a year now,” Davis tells PEOPLE. “To keep the ideas coming, we try to keep each image related to the events that are going on in our lives that week, or show what we’ve been up to or what we have planned.”

People relate to the photo series, she says, “because they’re fun, lighthearted and smile-inducing and they document the relationship between a mother and her daughters. And of course, people like to see Penny’s mischievous face.”

Courtesy Dominique Davis

Penny can’t resist “mugging” for the camera, leading to some interesting photos snapped by Davis’ boyfriend, Dominic McCann, 31. 

“Thankfully, she hasn’t reached the age to use social media and doesn’t yet grasp the full extent of what I do,” Davis tells PEOPLE.

Courtesy Dominique Davis

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For Amelia, “she just takes it in stride and it’s just part of our family,” she adds. “She’s been known to wear my clothes, and I wear hers, too.”

Courtesy Dominique Davis
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Although many followers assume that Davis buys new clothes each week for herself and the girls, she is savvy about hiding logos and wearing shirts backwards to make each of their matching outfits seem new.

“We reuse a lot of things,” she says. “Mary Poppins was our favorite pose, but probably the thing we love most about doing this is that it’s a chance for all of us to dress up and be silly, and for Penny to be the star of the show.”


With each photo shoot taking no more than five or 10 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday morning, Davis is now hoping to grow her Instagram account in other ways and perhaps write a children’s book tackling topics such as feminism and sexism. 

But more than anything, “I hope my girls will remember the fun times we’ve had,” she tells PEOPLE, “and that they’ll always enjoy looking back on my weekly account of them growing up.”

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