"Everybody loves it," Belfast harbormaster Katherine Given said about the massive rubber duck

Giant Rubber Ducky
Credit: New England Cable News/Kenn Tompkins via AP

There's a mystery brewing on the coast of Maine — though it's a bit tame for Murder, She Wrote.

A 25-feet high rubber duck with the word "JOY" printed on its chest has been floating in Belfast Harbor since Saturday — and no one knows why. 

Even harbormaster Katherine Given is puzzled by its sudden appearance.

"Everybody loves it," Given told the Bangor Daily News. "I have no idea who owns it, but it kind of fits Belfast."

Given said she originally heard rumors that the duck had drifted over from Islesboro Island, located a short distance away off of Maine's shoreline. Since making the harbor its home, the inflatable animal has become a popular attraction.

Judy Herman and Steve Small — both of Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania — told NECN that they think the floating duck is "wonderful."

"Who would expect to see a duck in the middle of the water here? Yet, it really works," Herman told the outlet.

Small added, "It's sort of a grateful emotion, that somebody has done something a little unusual to make something a little more interesting."

Elizabeth Dircks, who spends her summers living in Camden, said she would "make a detour and see if I could find it."

"It's something to do, something to see," she told NECN. "I don't live far from here and I'm on my way up to Bar Harbor."

The duck's position has shifted some with the weather, the Daily News reported. It migrated toward the mouth of the harbor near Belfast City Landing due to a thunderstorm Saturday afternoon.

There is no telling how long the duck will remain in the water, but Given said "a lot of people" would like to see stay.

"If it was in the middle of the mooring field, it could be kind of a navigational hazard," she added. "Where it's in the shallow water, it's not bothering anybody."

In the meantime, the harbormaster is curious to see if anyone will attempt to claim the popular attraction.

"It'll be interesting to see if somebody tries to take it out of here how far they'll get," she told the Bangor Daily News. "Even one of the shorefront property owners came by and said, 'Oh, we love that.' It's good fun."