Massachusetts Mom Saves 8-Year-Old Son from Suffocating After Seat Belt Wraps Around His Neck

Siobhan Sherbovich's son Brayden became unconscious after getting tangled in his seatbelt

Siobhan Sherbovich's son Brayden
Siobhan Sherbovich's son Brayden.

A Massachusetts mother rescued her 8-year-old son from suffocating on Sunday.

Siobhan Sherbovich was driving with her children in Bedford, Massachusetts, on Sunday afternoon when her son Brayden became tangled in his seatbelt in the backseat.

Sherbovich stopped the car in an attempt to untangle Brayden, but he was already choking as the belt had wrapped around his neck, she told news station WHSV 3.

"Before I could even process anything, he was basically hanging from the ceiling," she said, adding to NBC 10 Boston that "there was blood coming out from the pressure."

The seatbelt would not unbuckle, so Sherbovich rushed into a nearby hair salon in search of help and scissors to cut her son free.

"I was ready to break down windows," she said.

Siobhan Sherbovich
Siobhan Sherbovich.

Daisey LaCourse, a hairstylist at the salon, gave Sherbovich some scissors and called 911, WHSV reported.

By the time Sherbovich was able to cut Brayden loose, he was unconscious.

"I cut him loose from the top of the ceiling, and he falls out of the car, just completely unconscious, onto the ground," she told WHSV.

Sherbovich was able to revive the young boy with CPR — and the heroic mother said that he was confused upon regaining consciousness.

"He just went, ‘What happened? I’m OK’ and just stared at me, looking like he was from another planet," she told WHSV.

Police Chief Bob Bongiorno credited Sherbovich's quick thinking and calm under pressure with saving her son's life.

"Let’s face it. Police and fire are trained on how to handle this type of situation. There’s no playbook on a parent how to do it," Bongiorno told WHSV. "For her to keep cool, to go into a facility, a salon, get a pair of scissors, come out, cut the seat belt off her son, begin CPR and essentially save his life is just absolutely amazing."

A photo of Brayden in the hospital after the incident showed the boy in a neck brace with his face bruised.

Sherbovich told NBC 10 Boston that she's sharing her story in an effort to help other parents.

"This could happen to anyone, and the main point is for people to be prepared," she told the outlet. "I don't want another mom, I don't want another parent, to ever see their kid go through that. I don't want anyone to experience that."

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