Mass. Grandmother, 67, Earns Her College Degree After Nearly 5 Decades: 'You're Never Too Old'

"It's something that [my parents] always wanted me to do," Camille MacIsaac said after graduating from Southern New Hampshire University

Camille MacIsaac,
Camille MacIsaac at her graduation. Photo: Southern New Hampshire University

A Massachusetts grandmother is proving that it's never too late as she celebrates her college graduation nearly five decades after she first started her studies.

Camille MacIsaac graduated from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) over the weekend after earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in history, according to the university.

It was an exciting moment that MacIsaac said she waited 49 years to accomplish, as having a family caused her to put her college journey on "the back burner."

"I always wanted to go back to school but life gets in the way sometimes," MacIsaac, 67, explained in an interview with SNHU obtained by PEOPLE. "You have a family, you need to raise them and your priority is getting them through college and you take the back burner."

"This was hopefully a life lesson that you're never too old to try something, you're never too old to go to school [and] you're never too old to better yourself," she added.

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Those words only fueled MacIsaac's desire to earn her degree — and she finally achieved her goal this weekend, with her loving family by her side, and watching over her.

"I'm excited, it's been a long time," she explained. "My mom passed away last year during my last semester of school. She was 99. It's something that [my parents] always wanted me to do. I think I'm most proud about that."

Though she currently works in Corporate America, MacIsaac said she hopes to use her new degree to land a gig in the education field.

"I've always wanted to get into some kind of education, whether it be teaching or mentoring," she said. "I'm exploring my options. I think I have at least a good 10 years left in me. Work keeps me busy [and] I love kids, so that's the plan."

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