Tori Phillips is hailed a hero while losing his own apartment in the Dallas blaze

By Kathy Ehrich Dowd
April 15, 2014 02:00 PM

Move over, Man of Steel. There’s a new superhero on the loose – and he’s even a fan of your wardrobe.

Dallas resident Tori Phillips caught a baby dropped from a burning Dallas apartment complex Monday while coincidentally wearing a Superman hoodie, reports NBC 5 in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Phillips, who lost his own apartment in the four-alarm blaze, assisted a family trapped inside an upper floor frantically trying to escape with their baby.

“I [saw] this family on a patio trying to jump down and they had the baby, they did not want the baby to let go, and I came in and said, ‘I’m right here, I can catch the baby.’ And I was there for the right catch,” he said, adding that another Good Samaritan helped the parents to safety.

When asked how it felt to return the baby to its parents on solid ground, Phillips replied with characteristic superhero modesty.

“It felt real good,” he said. “They made me very humbled and made me cherish my little ones.”

The experience also seemed to put Phillips’s own apartment loss into perspective.

“I know little ones are more important than material things,” he added.