Man Survives After Being Crushed by 8,000-Lb. Boulder on Charity Hike with His Daughter

Pastor Luke Barnett suffered multiple broken bones

A Phoenix man is lucky to be alive after he was crushed by a boulder weighing more than 8,000 pounds while on a charity hike with his daughter.

On Sept. 27, Dream City Church Senior Pastor Luke Barnett and his adult daughter Annalee Barnett set out on an 800-mile hike through the Arizona Trail called Adventure Your Life, according to CBS affiliate KPHO/KTVK.

The father-daughter duo were hiking to raise money for the Colorado City Dream Center, a facility that helps people living in Arizona and Utah communities "with a generational history of human trafficking and exploitation under the guise of religion," according to the group's website.

Just a few days into their journey, things took a deadly turn when Luke was crushed by the massive boulder, which resulted in multiple broken bones, including his forearm, femur, hip and three ribs, KPHO/KTVK reported.

"We called the whole campaign Adventure Your Life, but it turned into being, really, the miracle of our life that we're even alive today," Luke told the outlet.

Prior to the Oct. 31 incident, Luke said things had been going well on the lengthy journey.

"It was very important to us because we believe that every single human life matters to God and those people they matter to God up there and they ought to matter to us, as well," he explained to KPHO/KTVK of their decision to go on the hike.

"We made a commitment. And there [are] churches all across America who have sponsored us to finish this trail," he added. "Our plan was to do it in 40 days. Twenty miles every single day."

On Halloween, Luke and Annalee were about 500 miles into their hike when they dislodged an enormous boulder while scrambling into a wash, according to the outlet.

As a result, the boulder — which Luke said officials believe weighed about 8,000-10,000 pounds — came barreling towards him and his daughter.

With no hesitation, the pastor pushed Annalee out of the way before he was crushed by the large rock.

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With Luke suffering multiple broken bones and all bloodied up, Annalee made sure to stabilize her father using first-aid skills before calling for help through a satellite phone, KPHO/KTVK reported.

"[She] asked me all the right questions at the time," Luke recalled to the outlet. "'Can you feel your feet? Can you feel your hands?''

Eventually, a team of first responders arrived via helicopter and airlifted Luke to a hospital, where he was treated for his injuries.

Despite the traumatic ordeal, the pastor insisted that his daughter continue the hike without him.

"I remember saying to her right before the chopper picked me up, 'This hike has to go on,'" he recalled to KPHO/KTVK. "'We can't stop. You're going to have to finish this thing all by yourself.'"

And so she did.

After finding a new hiking partner, Annalee continued on with her 800-mile journey — which extends from the border of Utah and Arizona all the way to the border of Mexico — and is scheduled to finish on Saturday, according to KPHO/KTVK.

She has also managed to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Colorado City Dream Center and women in need.

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