"Where do I start now? How do I do it?" said Destiny Wallace, 20
Man Who Survived Car Crash with Girlfriend Dies After Stepping on Downed Power Line as She Learns She’s Pregnant in Hospital
Credit: Facebook

A 20-year-old Texas man who crashed his car was killed after he exited the vehicle and was electrocuted by a power line — and then his girlfriend learned that she was pregnant with his child.

Fabian Garnica was driving with girlfriend Destiny Wallace on Saturday in the northbound lanes of Highway 146 in Texas City when he crashed his car into a utility pole, Texas City Police Department spokesman Cpl. Allen Bjerke confirms to PEOPLE.

Garnica and Wallace, 20, both survived the crash, prompting Garnica to get out of the car to assess the damage, Bjerke said. He was immediately electrocuted.

Bjerke said that by the time police arrived on the scene, Wallace was out of the crashed car and sitting in the vehicle of a passerby.

She was then hospitalized, where she learned she was pregnant, ABC affiliate KTRK reported.

Bjerke said the cause of the crash remains unknown, but that police are looking at a possible mechanical failure, such as a blown tire or an issue with the wheel, as the car left the roadway “abruptly.”

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In the days since, Wallace has mourned the loss on Facebook, writing in a post that she was struggling with her future as a single mom.

“I lost someone who showed me real & unconditional love,” she wrote. “Where do I start now? How do I do it? Especially since it’s not just me anymore.. How do I go through givin[g] birth [without] him when that’s something he always wanted to experience?”

She wrote in a later post that Garnica did not step on a live wire, but that the wire “was hanging and touched his hair.”

A GoFundMe page organized to raise money for Garnica’s funeral expenses says he left behind two children, though it’s unclear if that includes his unborn child with Wallace.