N.C. Man Missing for Over Two Weeks After Car Crash Found at Home, Says He Was Lost in the Woods

Dale Wheeler was involved in a car accident on Nov. 12, and was not seen again for weeks

Dale Wheeler
Photo: Morrisville Police

A man from North Carolina who went missing after a car accident suddenly turned up weeks later at his home.

On Sunday, the Morrisville Police Department announced that Dale Wheeler had been found alive after he went missing in a single-vehicle car crash on Nov. 12.

According to CBS affiliate WNCN, Wheeler, 56, was reported missing my friends and coworkers shortly after the accident. Morrisville Police later discovered that the North Carolina State Highway Patrol had recovered Wheeler's damaged SUV near an overpass.

The vehicle had extensive damage to its front end and there were traces of blood in its interior, the outlet reported.

For the next two weeks, friends and family searched for Wheeler, baffled at how he could have simply vanished after the wreck.

"We are all just completely dumbfounded," friend Denise Spinelli told ABC affiliate WTVD.

"All we know is that he had an accident, and what we surmised is that he walked away from the scene and he was somewhere nearby," she added. "He could've just walked off into the woods, anything is possible, there's some dense areas there."

Then, just like that, police found Wheeler at home on Sunday after he emailed family members, per WNCN.

Wheeler told police that he had walked nearly four miles back home after the crash, but realized he left his phone at the scene, WRAL reported. He then said he walked back to get the device but became disoriented in a wooded area.

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"He looked like he was cold. He was shaking and confused," officials said, according to WRAL. "He kept repeating he'd been looking for his phone the whole time. He said he'd been in the woods the whole time."

As the news station noted, temperatures dropped to 26 degrees during the time Wheeler said he was in the outdoors. He also didn't appear to have any visible injuries.

The Morrisville Police Department said over the weekend that additional information about his whereabouts for the past 2 weeks are still unknown.

The case is still under investigation.

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