November 22, 2016 01:01 PM

An Idaho man said he could only think of one person after he was hit by a car, fell 50 feet into freezing cold water and broke his leg: his infant son.

Steven Arrasmith, 34, from Boise, Idaho, was making his two-hour commute to work around 6 a.m. Monday when he saw that the driver of a pickup truck had lost control after hitting a patch of black ice, according to KBOI.

He pulled over to assist, but soon after the driver of another vehicle lost control on the ice and hit Arrasmith’s car, which caused it to lurch forward. The impact threw him over the bridge into the Snake River.

“There was only one thing going through my mind,” Arrasmith told the news outlet. “I had to make it to shore to see my 7-month-old son.”

He says that he was able to hold onto the bridge railing for about five to 15 seconds before he fell into the river.

Arrasmith was able to swim to a nearby island, but with a badly broken leg and bruised ribs he was unable to pull his legs and feet out of the icy water.

The father, who shouted to get the first responders’ attention, was fully submerged in the water except for his head for five to ten minutes, KBOI reports.

Arrasmith is currently in a local hospital and is expected to have surgery on his leg.


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