November 08, 2017 08:34 AM

New York-based amateur pilot Florian Otto decided to pop the question to his girlfriend Marina while in the air.

The couple, who logged over 120 hours of flight time together in the four years since they began dating according to 1010 WINS, had their proposal documented with the help of friend and Ventura Air Services operator Nik Tarascio, who posted a video of the engagement on YouTube.

Of course, to keep it a surprise, Otto had to do a bit of fibbing — pretending as though his aircraft has flown into “restricted airspace” and needed to be escorted out by the military.

That “military escort” was really Tarascio flying his own plane, with the message “Marry Me?” written across it.

Marina said yes. “Baby, you’re so sweet. It’s beautiful,” she gushed, looking at the ring. “I’m excited. You did such an awesome job, I’m like shaking.”

“She said yes,” a very happy Otto told Tarascio over the radio.

Florian Otto and Marina
Nik Tarascio

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Afterwards, the couple — he originally from Germany and she from Russia — landed at an airspace in the Hamptons and celebrated, 1010 WINS reported.

As for the cameras, Marina was tricked about those too. “We had Florian put cameras in their plane about a week in advance,” James Fischer, a videographer for Ventura Air Services in Farmingdale, New York, told 1010 WINS, “and [told] Marina that a buddy wants to test out these cameras. She didn’t think twice about it.”

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