"A princess doesn't need a prince to rescue her," says Madison Jade, 4

By Caitlin Keating
May 28, 2019 12:09 PM

Madison Jade, 4, wants the world to know that Jasmine from the Disney movie Aladdin doesn’t “need a boy to take you to see the whole world.”

A day before Jade and her family went to the theater to see the movie, her mother filmed her talking about the princess and posted the video on her Instagram, which has almost 200,000 followers.

“Jasmine needs to go see the world by herself because Aladdin needs to just stay there and Jasmine can just go by herself,” she said to the camera, because “there is not enough space on the carpet” for the both of them.

“Jasmine can go by herself or Aladdin can go by himself,” added Jade, who also has a YouTube channel that has videos of her doing everything from baking cookies to working on a science project.

Madison Jade
| Credit: simply_madisonjade/ Instagram

When her mother asked her if it’s good that the prince always comes to the rescue or saves the day, Jade was adamant that nothing could be further from the truth.

“A princess doesn’t need a prince to rescue her,” she said. “She can rescue herself.”

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The post has since been liked by over 60,000 people.

“Someone has an opinion about Jasmine’s lack of independence!” her mother wrote as the caption.

Aladdin has raked in $207 million worldwide since its release on Friday.