Lewis Howes
August 02, 2018 03:25 PM

Lewis Howes is on a mission to “help people live a better life” — and he hopes his new Facebook show will help him reach millions in the process.

Howes, 35, has become well known as the host of the popular podcast, The School of Greatness, where his dives into topics such as entrepreneurship, health and relationships. By picking the minds of experts like Tony Robbins, Alanis Morissette and Scooter Braun, Howes believes his audience will pick up lessons they can use to improve their every day lives.

With the August 6 premiere of his new Facebook Watch talk show, “Inspiring Life,” Howes wants to provide a bit of insight, happiness and inspiration for people on social media — which would be a welcome change from the abundance of negativity that has long plagued many platforms.

“I think we’re to caught up in our devices of comparing ourselves with other people. Getting caught up in negative media. Getting caught up in negative politics. Comparing ourselves to our friends too much,” Howes, who was an All-American football player and decathlete, tells PEOPLE. “That’s opposed to us getting information that really inspires, that makes us feel good, makes us feel positive, or want to give back to our friends and our families and our societies.”

Each episode of “Inspiring Life” will center on a theme, such as happiness and the “fear of money,” and Howes will pull questions from the live studio audience to engage them on the topics.

“The whole key is to help people break through their biggest challenges, their biggest adversities that keep them stuck from having a more meaningful and fulfilling life,” Howes explains, “and allows them to grow.”

One of the topics will focus on forgiveness, which will see Howes talk with one of the gymnasts who were affected by the Larry Nassar scandal. The subject is one that is close to Howes, as Howes struggled for decades with the emotional toll that followed his rape by a man as a child.

“It was a very traumatic experience,” Howes says. “It was looked down upon if you showed emotion as a man, if you opened up, if you shared your feelings, if you expressed yourself, if you cried. It led me to be much more destructive in my relationships with my family, with my health, and just destructive in my internal world, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.”

Howes says it took him a long time to realize that what would help him heal from the trauma he experienced, not just from the rape, but from the abuse he received from schoolyard bullies and others, would be to forgive.

Lewis Howes

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“Whether it was my parents, my friends, anyone, the bullies who picked on me, whatever may be, and when I finally did this about five years ago I just felt this sense of inner peace that I never had before,” he says. “I was never able to sleep at night without laying in bed for an hour and a half, but after that, I was able to sleep and still do today.”

Throughout much of his life, Howes has had to rebuild himself after experiencing pain or setbacks, such as when he suffered a career-ending injury during his time in the Arena Football League. Though he was broke and living on his sister’s couch following the injury, Howes worked to turn himself into an entrepreneur and a best-selling author.

Now, he wants others to see that they, too, have the same power to overcome their obstacles, and he hopes “Inspiring Life” can be a driving force behind it.

“Though I’m still learning and developing myself,” Howes says, “through my story of overcoming these challenges and by talking to leading experts, I think we’ll all learn how we can improve our lives.”

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