"We sang 'Baby Shark' to make him happy," one protestor said

By Helen Murphy
October 22, 2019 11:02 AM

As anti-government protestors gathered on the streets of Lebanon, one group paused to sing “Baby Shark,” the catchy tune beloved by children across the world.

According to CNN, Eliane Jabbour was driving through streets just south of Beirut, the country’s capital, with her 15-month-old son Robin on Saturday night when a group of protestors with Lebanese flags surrounded their car.

“I told them, ‘I have a baby, don’t be too loud,’ ” she told CNN.

Then, as captured in a video that Jabbour later shared on her Facebook account, the protestors began singing “Baby Shark” for the toddler, who was sitting in the passenger seat of her car. As they sang for Robin, the protestors shared big smiles and even pulled out the song’s signature dance move, clapping their arms together like a shark eating.

“It was spontaneous,” Jabbour told CNN. “He likes this song. He hears it many times at home and laughs.”

“We sang ‘Baby Shark’ to make him happy,” one of the protestors told NBC News, and Jabbour told the outlet that her son was “surprised but not afraid” to hear the song while in the car.

Baby Shark Live
Credit: Pinkfong/ Shore Fire Media

According to CNN, demonstrations in Lebanon began on Thursday after the country’s government proposed new taxes — including one on a feature on the popular messaging and telephone app WhatsApp. Protestors are also demonstrating against the country’s government, in which power is given to political and business elites, and how many citizens are unable to access basic services, CNN reported.

Pinkfong, the South Korean educational brand behind “Baby Shark,” first uploaded their video accompaniment for the aquatic-themed earworm to YouTube in June 2016.

The infectious 2-minute clip sees a little boy and girl singing and dancing along to repetitive-sounding lyrics while they tell the story of a family of sharks — a baby, mommy, daddy, grandma, and grandpa — who hunt and avoid danger together.

“Baby Shark” has since inspired a bevy of toys, games and more, and even swam onto the Billboard Hot 100 this past January, debuting at No. 32. The video has been viewed on YouTube over 3.7 billion times.