"I wondered if men would ever find me attractive again," Scruggs Kennedy tells PEOPLE in exclusive new interview.

After a devastating propeller accident left Lauren Scruggs Kennedy without her left eye and left hand, the 28-year-old lifestyle blogger wasn’t sure she’d ever find love.

“I wondered if men would ever find me attractive again,” says Scruggs Kennedy, who appears on People Icons: Heroes & Survivors on Tuesday, March 14, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. “There were days when I felt so ugly, and there still are days when I feel like that, but I ended up finding the love of my life.

“And he loves me for who I am.”

Scruggs Kennedy, author of the book Still Lolo, met her husband, E! News host Jason Kennedy, 35, when Giuliana Rancic interviewed her after her amazing recovery from having walked into a spinning propeller in 2011.

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The then 22-year-old fashionista stepped off a single-engine plane in her friend’s McKinney, Texas, home on Dec. 3, and right into the aircraft’s propellor.

“Now I focus on the progression of my life and who I am,” she says. “[It] was painful, but I’m thankful for what came out of it.”

Namely, her relationship with Kennedy. The two tied the knot in December 2014 and have been “so in love” ever since, she says.

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“He tells me I’m the most beautiful person he’s ever seen,” Scruggs Kennedy says of her husband. “Jason is so aware of me and my feelings and my insecurities. He’s there to help and encourage me and if I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, my eye looks bad today.’ He makes me feel so loved and beautiful the way I am. He encourages me constantly to be open about it all.

“About my arm and eye, to be comfortable with who I am. And so, I am!”

Credit: Courtesy Lauren Scruggs Kennedy

Scruggs Kennedy takes that encouragement she gets from Kennedy and gives it right back to other woman who have experienced loss of limbs limbs.

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“I always say to women that they are so beautiful on the outside and inside and when you look at yourself, you’re your worst critic. But don’t be.” she says. “God puts a path in front of us and I try to walk on that, and I see all the good that comes from it.”

In December, Scruggs Kennedy launched a nonprofit called LSK Foundation to help cover the cost of silicon-covered prosthetics for those who have lost limbs.

“We provide beautiful cosmetic coverings specifically for women when insurance won’t cover realistic cosmetic coverings for people with limb loss,” she explains. “Seeing what wholeness a real-looking prosthetic brought into my life was so healing and it broke my heart when I met women and girls who hated their arms because it didn’t look good or insurance wouldn’t cover any of it and they couldn’t get an arm.”

With partners Lisa Curlee and Ashley Igo, Scruggs Kennedy is helping women of all ages to receive prosthetic coverings crafted in ARTech Laboratory.

“We had a similar vision and passion to help provide the same thing to girls and women who want to find that peace and healing we all found in real looking prosthetics,” says Scruggs Kennedy. “We started the foundation together. That’s been an extra blessing, it’s humbling to give back and be along girls’ sides in the healing process. Because it’s so much easier to process when you have someone you can talk to and answer your questions.”