Birth Mom Lovingly Wipes Adoptive Mother's Tears Away as She Finally Takes New Baby Home

Lauren Koller became emotional when she welcomed her new son home in September — and the biological mother, Felicia Metcalf, was right there to comfort her

Lauren Koller, of Austin, Texas, was overcome with emotion when she held her new son for the first time —and the boy’s biological mother was right there to comfort her.

Koller and her husband Mel have long dreamed of adopting a baby. And after becoming approved as a “family in waiting” in 2015, the couple counted the days until they could officially adopt a child of their own.

“We waited, for two, long, emotional years. It was very hard, and we were beginning to wonder if there was a light at the end of the tunnel,” Koller wrote in a post on Love What Matters. “We remained steadfast in our faith that God was going to provide.”

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In April 2017, the Kollers got a phone call from the adoption agency, with news that a woman, Felicia Metcalf, had been considering the couple to adopt her baby. After weeks of getting to know each other, the families knew they had found the perfect match.

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Just four months later, on Aug. 18, “a beautiful baby boy came into the world and into our lives,” Koller added in the post.

“We were fortunate to meet and hold him the night of his birth,” she wrote. “The wait was long, but the love was instant. Words can’t describe the joy and fullness of our hearts.”

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Weeks later, in September, the Kollers welcomed their new baby boy home, officially making him their own.

Photos of the sweet moment showed the couple and Metcalf sitting on a couch, with Koller holding the baby boy. One shot showed Metcalf using a napkin to wipe tears from Koller’s eyes. For the photographer, Sara Easter (of Sara Liz Photography), the encounter is one she’ll never forget.

“[This] was particularly touching because Lauren and Felicia clearly had such a strong bond. It was evident that they both cared deeply for this baby and wanted the best possible life for him,” Easter tells PEOPLE.

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“The one moment that I think best articulates this is when Lauren was feeding him for the first time and [she] started to cry. She couldn’t stop what she was doing to grab a tissue so Felicia did it for her. She wiped Lauren’s tears away so that she could continue to feed the baby.”

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She adds: “It was the perfect example of what adoption should be, two families working together to make sure a child’s needs are met. Their roles look different but they are equally important. My hope is that years from now this little boy will look at these photos and see the legacy of love in which he is a part of.”

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