Kirra Drury's remains were found in the Colorado River on Tuesday, just one day after she was thrown into the water in a deadly boat crash

By Char Adams
September 05, 2018 04:25 PM
Credit: Instagram

A pair of California families are grieving after authorities recovered two more bodies from the Colorado River, just days after a deadly boat crash turned what was meant to be a Labor Day weekend getaway into a nightmare.

Authorities found 24-year-old Kirra Drury’s remains on Tuesday along with that of Brian Grabowski, 50. Both had been missing since Saturday evening after two boats collided on a stretch of the Colorado River in California.

Drury’s mother, Denise Drury, broke the news in a Facebook post on Tuesday, writing that the family is “devastated beyond belief.”

“My dearest friend discovered her and kayakers were alerted and flagged down the Sheriff’s vessel,” Denise explained in a follow-up post. “It is surreal how we were led to her. I have no doubt this was orchestrated from above. It brings much peace knowing Kirra is with our Heavenly Father.”

Now, search teams are looking for Raegan Heitzig, Drury’s close friend, who has been missing since the incident. On Saturday, more than a dozen people were riding on two boats when the vessels crashed in a head-on collision.

The women, along with 14 other passengers, were thrown from the boats into the water.

On Monday, search teams found the body of 51-year-old Christine Lewis, of Visalia, California, the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office announced on Monday. At a press conference a day earlier, Sheriff Doug Schuster said nine people were injured, two critically, in the incident.

Credit: Instagram

Family and friends of the victims rallied to find the missing boaters, with many posting photos of the girls on social media in a desperate search to find the friends.

On Tuesday, Lance Nelson, who Drury identified on social media as her boyfriend, mourned his late girlfriend in a post.

“One of the last moments Kirra captured of us. She was the sweetest soul that ever touched my heart along with everyone else that knew her,” he wrote alongside an Instagram photo of himself planting a kiss on Drury’s cheek.

“She made me the happiest guy ever and I had so many plans for us. I’m so glad they found you and I hope you didn’t suffer, you never deserved this and I still don’t know why the best people get taken so early. I love you so much and I hope you’ll keep me safe above for the time I’m here babe.”

Both vessels were going 50 mph at the time of the crash, and the boaters weren’t wearing life jackets, according to ABC News.