Tennessee Man Finds Out Wife Is Kidney Donor Match with Custom Baseball Card: 'You Want to Save My Life?'

Tennessee wife Heather Winfree surprised her baseball-loving husband Steve with news of his kidney donor match by gifting him a pack of cards

For a baseball fan, nothing beats the feeling of opening a brand new pack of baseball cards — except when one of those cards can save your life!

Heather Winfree of Tennessee surprised her husband Steve Winfree with news that she’s his kidney donor match by gifting him a pack of cards — with a very special message inside.

Steve, who started dialysis for kidney disease in November, loves baseball cards and uses them as a distraction from his condition. So, the Atlanta Braves fan wasn’t totally startled when his wife gave him a pack of Topps cards with players like Mike Trout and Clint Frazier.

“There were a lot of times where he would be in the hospital and I would grab a pack and we would open them,” Heather explained to MLB.com. “The low-key fun gets our minds off of the every day stresses.”

The big shock came when he started flipping through the pack — and came across a card with his own photo on it. He began reading it aloud, through tears, before realizing the card revealed he had been matched with a kidney donor — and that match was Heather.

“I love you!” Heather, who filmed the sweet moment, tells him. “I love you so much, Steve.”

Steve said: “I knew something was up because she never films me.

“I saw it coming, but I lost it and I asked her, ‘You want to save my life?’ ”

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Heather will undergo additional tests in Vanderbilt to ensure she is healthy enough to withstand surgery, reports MLB.com. If everything is on track, they will undergo the procedure by the end of the month.

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