"I just feel I did what any person should do for someone they do or do not know," Ralph Letner tells PEOPLE

By Caitlin Keating
April 04, 2018 04:08 PM
Credit: Philip Carroll

A delivery man in Kentucky ended up delivering more than just pizza when he came across a fire during a late night call on Sunday.

Ralph Letner, 26, who works at Donatos Pizza in Somerset, saved two people’s lives on April 1 after he noticed a home in a trailer park was on fire and quickly sprang into action.

“I just felt like God placed me there for a reason because the way I was raised is to help people in all situations,” Letner tells PEOPLE. “And sometimes it can mean having to put your life on the line to help keep someone safe, and that’s what I did.”

When Letner got to his delivery address, he rushed in and learned that the homeowner didn’t want to leave, according to WKYT. When he asked a women who was in the front of the home if anyone else was inside, she said a man was inside trying to put the fire out. Despite the smoke, Letner got down on his hands and knees, made his way to the back of the kitchen and got the man to exit through the back door.

That man, Jesse Decker, told WKTY that Letner not only helped save their home, but also their lives.

“Oh, he’s a hero. He is a hero,” Decker told the news outlet.

But Letner tells PEOPLE that he “definitely doesn’t feel like a hero.”

“I just feel I did what any person should do for someone they do or do not know. I am just happy we all came out safe and no one was hurt,” he says.

Ralph’s wife, Taylor — with whom he has two children — adds that “words could not express how exceedingly proud I am to be his wife.”

“Anyone who truly knows Ralph knows how big-hearted he is, and I feel his actions are a perfect representation of this,” she tells PEOPLE. “Everyone is getting to see the side of Ralph I feel in love with.”