Katy Williams and son Finn
Katy Williams/Facebook
September 12, 2018 12:56 PM

A mother in South Africa has emerged from a coma and her toddler son is in stable condition after they were attacked by a giraffe near their Limpopo home last week, reports say.

Although Dr. Katy Williams, 35, and her 3-year-old son Finn remain in intensive care, the mother is out of a coma and able to communicate sign language, and her son is recovering from brain surgery, according to Today. The improvements come a week after the pair was trampled by a female giraffe on Sept. 3 near their home in the Blyde Wildlife Estate, located near Kruger National Park.

“It was amazing to see Katy wake up and to be able to talk to her and to reassure her that we are there for her,” Katy’s husband, 36-year-old Dr. Sam Williams, told NBC News, according to Today. “I hope that in time [Finn] will also wake up so that we can all be reunited as a family.”

From left: Katy, Sam and Finn Williams

On a GoFundMe page to cover medical expenses for Katy, and Finn, Katy’s father, Jack, wrote that it is unclear when the pair will be released from the hospital.

“Katy and Finn were about a (sic) 150 yards from their home in South Africa, when they came to a opening in the trees, they saw a group of giraffes,” Jack wrote on the page. “A large female charged them and started beating them with its hooves.”

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Sam spotted the two and scared the giraffe away, according to Today.

Finn (left) and Katy Williams
Katy Williams/Facebook

The giraffe was likely attempting to protect her young calf, viewing Katy and Finn as a threat. They were airlifted to a hospital in critical condition.

“I can ensure you that Katy would never have deliberately put herself or Finn in danger,” Jack said, according to Today. “We hold no judgement against the giraffe. This is just the way nature is and we accept that.”

The giraffe has been moved to another preservation with her calf, Today reported.

On the GoFundMe page, the relative noted that Katy and Finn suffered “massive” injuries to their head and limbs. Katy, a wildlife biologist from Baltimore, underwent surgery and Finn underwent a procedure to release pressure in her brain, according to Today.

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