Pennsylvania Man Reunited with Wallet He Lost on Hershey Park Rollercoaster Nearly 4 Years Ago

Jon Anson didn't think he'd ever see his long-lost wallet again, after losing it at Hershey Park years ago


Each time the Anson family visits Hershey Park, the go with a mission: find dad’s missing wallet.

It’s become a running joke for the Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, family. Jon Anson lost his wallet nearly four years ago while riding the SkyRush, a 200-feet-tall rollercoaster at the amusement park, according to WHTM.

“I’m walking down the steps and I just happen to pat my side and no wallet,” he told the station. “It was gone.”

As the years passed, Anson was sure he’d never see the wallet again. He and his wife Jen found humor in the misfortune though, playfully telling their children to keep an eye out for Anson’s wallet during trips to the park.

“It has become a running family joke. We don’t go to Hershey Park and don’t mention the missing wallet,” Jen told the station. Their daughter, 8-year-old Katie Anson, added: “I would actually look in the river and in the bushes.”


So, Anson was shocked when he got a call from park officials recently, telling him they had found his wallet.

“I just laughed out loud,” Anson recalled to WHTM.

Despite being dusty and carrying a bit of mold, the leather wallet appeared to be intact. There were credit cards and a few usable gift cards in the wallet.

“It looked disgusting,” their 10-year-old daughter Abby Anson said. Katie added: “All the credit cards were moldy and green.”

Although the incident has given Anson quite a laugh, the children said they’re a little sad that the family tradition has come to an end.

“Now we can’t do the funny story where they say, ‘kids look for my wallet in the bushes’ and that stuff,” Matthew Anson, 6, told the station.

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