Jim and Candy Duke excitedly worked to extract the note from the bottle for nearly 10 minutes in a Facebook Live video

By Char Adams
February 18, 2019 05:54 PM
Credit: NOAA

Jim and Candy Duke were on one of their usual walks along the beach last month when they stumbled upon a “wonderful treasure” — a glass bottle with a message inside!

The Corpus Christi, Texas, couple was at the Padre Island National Seashore not far from their home when they spotted a worn glass bottle among some tree limbs that had washed up on the beach, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries.

“The bottle’s just a standard little white bottle that has a cork in the top and it says… ‘break bottle,’ ” Candy said in a Facebook Live video of the couple with the bottle. “We don’t wanna break the bottle … we collect the bottles from the beach. It also has a number on it. The number is 002338.”

With that, the pair spent nearly ten minutes trying to remove the bottle’s rubber cork and pull out the note inside. Eventually, they were successful. Candy appeared visibly excited as she unrolled the note and read the message for all of her Facebook friends.


When Jim recommended ending the live video as they worked to open the bottle, Candy protested, simply saying, “This is real life!”

“This bottle is one of a series released at known locations in the Gulf of Mexico by scientists from the Galveston Botanical Laboratories of the US Bureau of Commercial Fisheries,” Candy read. “These releases are part of a study to determine the role that water currents play in the movement of young shrimp from offshore spawning grounds to inshore nursery grounds.”

Credit: NOAA

The laboratory is now known as NOAA Fisheries. The letter also stated that whoever found the message was to mail it back to the scientists in exchange for a 50 cent reward.

The bottle is one of 7,863 released by the scientists in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico from February 1962 to December 1963, according to the statement from NOAA Fisheries.

It is unclear whether the Dukes have mailed the letter as instructed. But Candy said in the video that the couple plans to add the bottle to their growing collection of treasure from their many walks along the beach.