9-year-old Jeremiah Harvey, the black child who was falsely accused of sexual assault by Teresa Klein in a convenience store earlier this month, is speaking out about his experience

By Robyn Merrett
October 19, 2018 08:50 PM
Credit: ABC News

Earlier this month, a white woman, Teresa Klein, in New York, falsely accused a 9-year-old black boy of sexually assaulting her at a convenience store.

Klein, who has become known as “Cornerstore Caroline,” has since gone viral after footage from the convenience store proves Jeremiah Harvey did not grope her like she claimed, TIME reported. Instead, the two seemingly came in contact after Jeremiah’s backpack merely brushed her backside as he was walking through the store with his mother and younger sister.

“I want the cops right here now,” Klein can be seen and heard yelling in a video taken by a bystander later shared on social media, The New York Times reported. “I was sexually assaulted by a child.”

After throwing out the accusation, Klein got into a heated dispute with Jeremiah’s mother and Jeremiah could also be seen crying outside of the store.

While Klein claimed she called the police, authorities never arrived on the scene and there is no proof that Klein called the police, according to an NYPD spokesperson, TIME reported.

Since the incident, Klein has apologized saying, “I was wrong. Young man, I don’t know your name, but I’m sorry,” Klein said in a video posted on Facebook.

Despite her attempt to make amends, Jeremiah is still pretty shaken up over the traumatic experience.

During a tearful sit-down ABC News interview with his mother Someko Bellille, Jeremiah said he “felt humiliated because of the way she was acting.”

Prior to his sit-down, Jeremiah explained during a community meeting in New York that he does not forgive Klein and said, “I think she was crazy.”

However, he has had a change of heart. During the ABC News interview, Jeremiah revealed he does now accept her apology. “I hope she knows I didn’t do anything to her,” he said.