Jamie Forbes suffered a miscarriage on New Year's Eve, just weeks after her sweet pregnancy announcement went viral
Credit: James Brindley

A North Carolina woman whose sweet pregnancy announcement went viral in December tells PEOPLE she suffered a miscarriage on New Year’s Eve.

Jamie Forbes surprised her new husband Charlie Forbes — and all their friends and family — at their South Carolina beachfront wedding on Dec. 1 when she gave an emotional toast on the dance floor that ended with her revealing that she was two months pregnant.

“Please accept this gift. It is the most precious thing I will give you and I hope it makes you as happy as you make me,” she said after handing him a box with a picture of a sonogram.

The reveal — including Charlie’s stunned reaction — was captured on video and has since been seen around the world.

“It was the shock of a lifetime,“ Charlie says. “But a good shock. My dream had already come true with marrying her and the next step was a family and that’s what was in that box.”

The couple, who live in Charlotte, North Carolina, met last March after connecting on Match.com. Jamie, a 33-year-old lawyer, says she’d just about given up on love and was worried she’d never have a family.

“I’d had so many bad dates,” she says. But then she met Charlie, a 35-year-old who works in finance. “He was kind of shy and nerdy and gentlemanly and I really liked him. I just knew he was different than any man I’d met.”

Charlie proposed in September and the two didn’t want to wait long to get married — or start a family.

“We’re both in our thirties so we thought it could take a year,” Jamie explains.

Credit: James Brindley

But one morning not long before the wedding, she took a pregnancy test and it was positive.

“I wanted to scream and wake him up..but I thought it would be so special and unique to tell him at the wedding,” she says.

The two celebrated their first Christmas together just a few weeks ago – opening many baby gifts from excited family members. They’d even named the baby after learning from a blood test that it was a girl.

Jamie’s younger sister Jillian died after a short battle with cancer almost two years ago and the couple planned to name the baby in her memory.

But then on New Years Eve, when Jamie was 12 weeks along, she says she started having contractions.

“Every four minutes I would get this intense pain and then it would go away and come back. I didn’t honestly think it was a miscarriage,” she tells PEOPLE.

Credit: James Brindley

The couple went to the hospital and learned it was indeed a miscarriage. Doctors told the couple a genetic defect was the cause.

“Devastating, we’re both just devastated,” Jamie says, admitting that she initially blamed herself. “I feel like I caused it by making such a big spectacle out of everything. It was all, look at me, I’m so happy…”

She says the last few days have been an emotional blur. “I feel like we’ve never been closer, as sad as we are, we’re both leaning on each other. I’ve never loved him more. I knew he’d be there for me through anything and he has been.”

And she says they’re hopeful they’ll get pregnant again.

“We definitely want to try again as soon as possible,” she says. “We still very much want a family.”