Is This the Best 'Dirty Dancing' Wedding Dance Ever? New Jersey Newlyweds Give Guests 'Time of Their Lives'

Newlyweds Lindsay Pergola and Richie Guarinia performed a rendition of Dirty Dancing's iconic "Time of My Life" scene at their wedding.

Lindsay Pergola and Richie Guarini definitely had the time of their lives at their wedding reception!

The newlyweds decided against a more traditional first dance in favor of a surprise (and beautifully pulled off) rendition of Dirty Dancing‘s iconic “Time of My Life” scene at their wedding in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, on New Year’s Eve.

“It was my favorite movie growing up and I always had the idea in the back of my head ever since I could remember. Then when we got engaged I asked Richie if he would do it with me and he agreed!” the bride told The Huffington Post.

Anthony Ziccardi Studios

The video, which was posted to Facebook on Dec. 31, has garnered over 14 million views and 64,000 shares.

The clip starts out with Guarini holding Pergola from behind, smoke billowing out around them. Guarini then spins his bride around, and, in true Patrick Swayze form, twirls her all over the dance floor for the remainder of the song. The dance ends, of course, with that iconic soaring lift.

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Anthony Ziccardi Studios

And the delighted crowd couldn’t get enough.

“Everyone flipped out and all we could hear was everyone screaming and clapping! Afterwards everyone was like, ‘OMG I can’t believe you guys did that, that was amazing!’ Everyone was shocked over the fact that I got Richie to do that and that he pulled it off!” Pergola told the Huffington Post.

Pergola, a dancer her whole life, teaches classes at Essex Dance Academy in Fairfield — but her new husband has no prior dance experience.

However, based on their stellar performance, we think Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze would be very proud!

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