Irish weatherman Deric Hartigan had a great sense of humor when a gust of wind took him off his feet on Friday

By Katherine Richter
June 24, 2017 12:49 PM

An Irish weatherman had a great sense of humor when a gust of wind took him off his feet during his report on Ireland AM on Friday.

Deric Hartigan, of CNN affiliate TV3 Ireland, was delivering a “Weather Outlook” in the field when the gusty weather almost immediately got the best of his enormous yellow umbrella, as seen in a clip posted by Irish news website The Journal.

He audibly exclaims as his umbrella gets yanked by the wind, the force pulling him out of the camera frame momentarily. After a couple seconds, the camera then pans back to the studio, where two presenters are laughing hysterically.

“He’s recovering! He’s okay!” the woman in the studio notes as the clip refocuses on the weatherman, piecing his malfunctioning umbrella back together while laughing and grinning widely.

Hartigan carried his sense of humor to his Twitter account, where he wrote, “Career highlight right there..” with a link to the video.

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He later added, “When it goes wrong; it goes wrong! Welcome to summer 2017! 🙊😛 @IrelandAMTV3 @TV3Ireland.”