"We didn't have a plan to do this," said Captain Troy Garrison. "But I think the stars just kind of aligned"
Credit: Debbie Brissey

An Iowa fire department is counting their blessings — all six of them.

A close-knit group of volunteer firefighters in Mediapolis, Iowa, is rejoicing after welcoming six babies — three boys and three girls — in seven months.

“We didn’t have a plan to do this,” Captain Troy Garrison recently told ABC News, four months after welcoming daughter Emma with his wife, Dina. “But I think the stars just kind of aligned and the timing for us individually as families just worked out.”

Garrison, 36, welcomed a baby alongside firefighters Cody Tisor, Seth Eberhardt, Skyler Schwerin, Adam Welp, and Captain Tom Brockett.

Credit: Debbie Brissey

“It’s been fun to go through it with everybody else and it’s definitely helpful that we’re all going through it together,” Brockett recently told WQAD 8.

The group recently celebrated the news with a photoshoot involving all the dads and babies. In one shot, the proud dads can be seen holding their newborns in the firehouse while standing in front of fire truck in their fire jackets. In another, the babies lie in a circle on top of their fathers’ fire jackets, with other gear nearby. (The image is very similar to a photo a group of Oklahoma firefighters arranged last year after their squad also welcomed six babies.)

Credit: Debbie Brissey

“It was surprising when we laid them all out that none of them were crying,” Megan Brockett told WQAD 8.

Adam Welp told ABC News that his wife fashioned tiny fire skirts for the baby girls and trousers for the baby boys out of “some old retired gear” for the shoot.

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The group said they plan to make the group photo a yearly tradition — but don’t expect that to be the only time the kids get together. The crew is already devising a plan they can implement if an emergency happens during family time.

“We’ve talked about just bringing our kids here and whoever is available can come and watch them,” Eberhardt told WQAD 8.

“We’re a family before this and we’ll be a family for a long time,” Brockett also told the news station.