Dani Austin Ramirez chronicled the entire event on Instagram, much to the delight of fans

By Rachel DeSantis
February 12, 2021 08:26 PM

Matt James may be the current Bachelor, but the brother of influencer Dani Austin Ramirez is giving him a run for his money after she set him off on his very own Bachelor-esque journey to find love.

Dani was inspired to play matchmaker to her brother Landon, 32, after he was stood up by a girl on a Zoom date, she explained on her Instagram page, which has over 1.2 million followers.

The thought soon blossomed into a full-fledged Bachelor-style competition, in which host Dani selected three women, organized a series of dates and had Landon grant one lucky lady his "final rose."

The drama unfolded last week over Instagram in Dallas, and drew attention from fans — including former Bachelorette contestant Connor Saeli and the current Bachelorette herself Tayshia Adams, who each sent Landon, a musician based in Nashville, a message of good luck.

After receiving date cards from Dani just like on the show, Landon set off to find love: his first date, in the morning, was a songwriting session, while his second, in the afternoon, was an ice skating outing at the mall.

At night, he and the third and final woman went shopping together, and picked out Valentine's Day gifts for one another. All the while, Dani kept a close eye on the dates to gauge how he and the women were feeling — and to make sure they were here for the right reasons.

No spoilers here, but eventually, Landon made his decision and offered one of the women his "final rose" — and the chance to go on a "hometown date," which in this case meant meeting Dani and her husband.

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