Ind. Kindergarten Teacher Saves Choking Student's Life: 'My Training Served Me Well'

Chene Hunt was only on her third day at Pleasant Ridge Elementary when she performed the Heimlich maneuver on 5-year-old Fallen Coleman

An Indiana kindergarten teacher is being praised as a hero after her medical knowledge and quick thinking saved the life of a 5-year-old student.

It was only three days into Chene Hunt's new job at Pleasant Ridge Elementary School in Charlestown when she noticed Fallen Coleman choking at lunch last month, CBS affiliate WLKY reported.

"I looked at her, her lips started turning blue and that's when I knew she was choking," Hunt, a former emergency room technician for 18 years, recalled to the outlet.

The teacher immediately jumped into action, rushing to Fallen's side in the cafeteria before performing life-saving measures in front of her other 25 students, according to WLKY.

"It was hard to breathe," Fallen explained to the outlet of the moment. "She started helping me. She gave me the Heimlich maneuver."

Following the frightening incident, a shaken-up Fallen was taken to the nurse's office, WLKY reported. There, school officials called her parents to inform them of the situation.

"My heart just dropped to my stomach and it just scared me," Fallen's dad, Dustin Coleman, told the outlet. "But I was glad to hear she was okay. They were quick enough to relay that to me."

Added Fallen: "They said, 'Oh my gosh, that's so scary!' "

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Dustin and his wife Shawna later made a trip to the elementary school, where they met Hunt and expressed their gratitude for her heroic actions, according to the outlet.

"It was scary but I'm glad my training served me well," Hunt told the Colemans, as shown in WLKY's footage. "It also served [Fallen] well."

On Thursday, Pleasant Ridge Elementary School addressed the incident in a post on Twitter and commended the kindergarten teacher once again.

"We are so proud of Chene!" they wrote.

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