Indiana Groom Makes 90-Year-Old Grandpa His Best Man: 'I Didn't Think He'd Want an Old Man Up There'

KC Schafer began his happily ever after with a special person by his side as his best man: his 90-year-old grandpa

KC Schafer began his happily ever after with his wife Sarah in Louisville, and he had a special person by his side as his best man: his 90-year-old grandpa.

“He has been my role model and idol since I was a little kid,” KC Schafer, 27, of Clarksville, Indiana, told ABC News about his decision to make his grandpa, Charles Schafer, his best man. “I spend so much time with him. He pretty much modeled me into the man I am today.”

Schafer also played a special role in his grandson’s engagement. Schafer went shopping for a coffeemaker with his grandpa, and they ended up purchasing a ring instead.

“I just sat there and watched him and he kept asking me if I liked them,” Schafer told ABC News.

Even as a young boy, Schafer had told his grandpa, who he called his “best friend,” his intention to make him best man.

Still, “I didn’t think he’d want an old man up there,” Schafer quipped.

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Karissa Cochran

The best man, who looked sharp in a bow tie and charcoal tux for the big day, which was captured by Photography by Karissa, admitted, “I was wondering if I could keep up with them boys.” But he did note his impressive wedding track record.

Karissa Cochran

“I was in eight weddings before and six of them I was the best man,” he said. “When I wasn’t the best man they got divorced. But every one of the six when I was the best man, they were together ‘til they died.”

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The twosome’s bond has deepened, since they now share the same wedding date of April 15, as the eldest Schafer married his wife on that date in 1950.

Karissa Cochran

“I felt real proud. It was an honor,” Schafer said of his special role.

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