'Idol' Tour Must-Haves

What can’t the American Idol finalists live without? They filled us in on their summer tour must-haves – all the goods they’re taking on the road with them as they kick off their 51-city tour in Manchester, N.H., on July 5.

• “I have two things: a bracelet that my fans made for me that says Ace Music on it and beanies so I can throw them out to fans. I have over 300 made. They’re going to have a logo that my fans and I have put together.”
Ace Young

• “I have to bring my cowboy hat, black and brown.”
Bucky Covington

• “My Bible, of course. The Psalms is a really great book because it runs every emotion possible. I imagine I could use that on tour.”

• “A Taylor travel guitar. It’s a little bitty one. It’ll go in the bunk with me.”
Taylor Hicks

• “My little blankie from home. I’ve had it ever since I was little. It was passed along my family from my grandparents, from grandma to grandma to grandma.”
Kellie Pickler

• “My stuffed-animal SpongeBob and my SpongeBob blanket. Kellie’s blankie is not as cool as mine!”
Paris Bennett

• “A couple pictures of my family and my dog Lily.”
Katharine McPhee

• “Insulin. I really can’t live without it (as a diabetic).”
Elliott Yamin

• “My teddy bear. I got it for my Sweet 16 birthday last year and he’s still alive. He’s a caramel color and so soft. I bought him a new outfit because I just turned 17 on June 13.”
Lisa Tucker

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