"We have a lot to catch up on. It's so effortless to talk to her," says one sister, Amanda Dunford

Identical twin sisters who were separated at birth had a feeling they would one day find each other again, but it was only when they were 33 years old that they finally reunited.

Amanda Dunford — who was adopted from South Korea and found out she likely had a twin sister when she was around 7 years old — used the DNA test from 23andMe to see if she had any diseases or allergies. But the real reason she used the test, according to WTKR, is that she hoped she’d find a blood relative.

Dunford, who is a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy currently stationed in Virginia Beach, religiously checked her email for any hopeful update.

Then one night, she got the message of her dreams: “It says you might be my sister,” read the email from a woman named Katey Bennett, who lives in California.

Dunford remembers that she “shot out of my bed” and thought “this is too easy.”

Amanda Dunford and Katey Bennett
| Credit: 23AndMe

“I felt like we were going to find each other when we were old and gray and she could be in Korea,” she told the news outlet.

Once they connected over the phone for nine hours straight, she says it “felt like we just picked it up so easily.”

Credit: 23AndMe

They quickly realized they had similar interests, including their love for ’80s action star Dolph Lundgren.

She added: “We have a lot to catch up on. It’s so effortless to talk to her.”

The pair ultimately reunited on Megyn Kelly Today last November.

While Dunford knew for decades she had a twin, Bennett on the other hand was in complete disbelief.

“It just can’t be real. I had gone my whole life with such doubt I’d ever find anyone, blood-related to me, that I … I didn’t want to be let down, so it was easier to deny it and say it’s not real,” Bennett tolkd WTKR. “Because I didn’t want to let my barriers down and really believe it.”

But once they did find each other, Dunford said, “it’s crazy that you just have this instant love for someone and a connection,” said Dunford.