Cory Booker, Newark's Mayor, Is Helping Sandy Victims – via Twitter

From delivering diapers to checking on the elderly, Cory Booker is once again taking action in the face of devastation

Photo: Matthew Peyton/WireImage

The needs range from diapers and water to the simple reassurance that their loved ones are safe. But many of the calls for help to Newark’s mayor Cory Booker are coming to him from the same place: Twitter.

As the death toll for Hurricane Sandy rises to 59, according to the New York Times, the politician, 43, is taking action on the streets – often in response to the pleas he receives in 140 characters of less.

Now, as 2.38 million people in New Jersey are still left without electricity, reports the Star-Ledger, he’s once again emerging as a hometown hero. It was just this April, after all, that he rescued his neighbor from her burning home.

Follow Booker’s relief efforts here, and track those he’s already helped, including an elderly woman who was inside her house when a tree fell on top of it.

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