Harrowing Rescue of Woman and 2 Children After Boat Capsizes in Puerto Rico During Hurricane Maria

One man died and three people were rescued after a boat capsized off Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria

A woman and two children were rescued from a massive capsized boat off the Puerto Rico coast on Thursday after Hurricane Maria continues to ravage the island, the U.S. Coast Guard announced.

In video footage of the harrowing rescue, a British Royal Navy helicopter is shown hoisting three people to safety. Officials received a distress call from the vessel on Wednesday, with the victims saying that the boat was disabled near Vieques, Coast Guard officials said in a statement.

One man was found dead at the scene, according to the Associated Press. None of the victims have been publicly identified, and the Miami Herald reports that the man’s body was found trapped in the boat.


The Category 4 storm made landfall in Puerto Rico early Wednesday, becoming the most powerful storm of its kind to hit the island since 1932.

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Puerto Rico’s Emergency Management Agency announced that 100 percent of the island is without power, according to The New York Times. Anyone in need of electricity was left to rely on generators.


“This is total devastation,” Carlos Mercader, a spokesman for Puerto Rico’s governor, told CNN. “Puerto Rico, in terms of the infrastructure, will not be the same… This is something of historic proportions.”

By 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday, 11,000 people were in shelters on the 100-mile island.

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Hurricane Maria is expected to move toward the Dominican Republic Wednesday night. The storm has killed at least nine people in the Caribbean.

Hurricane Harvey caused severe flooding in Texas and Hurricane Irma followed close behind, wreaking havoc on several Caribbean nations and Florida.

Hurricane Irma left 38 people dead in the Caribbean and devastated the U.S. territories St. John and St. Thomas.

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