How a Freelance Prop Artist Makes It Work in Hollywood: 'You Never Know What the Next Job Is'

"You never know what the next job is," Doug Wright says.

Episode 11 of AMERICAN DOERS, a new 12-part video series featuring original thinkers, innovators, craftspeople, risk-takers and artisans across the United States.

There are teams of people who work behind the scenes in Hollywood to make the magic happen — Doug Wright is one of them.

And the freelance prop artist is always looking for his next big gig.

“I’ve been working in production for at least 25 years as a freelancer. You never know what the next job is or how long it is. You think, ‘I’m never going to get the next job. Everything is on me,” he says.

Wright, who grew up in Connecticut and now lives in L.A., has always had a passion for design.

“I was always building stuff, putting things tougher, taking stuff apart and now I’m in Los Angeles making a living at it,” he says.

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And he feeds off the excitement of working as a freelancer. “That’s fuel, that’s the adrenaline,” he says.

“I’ve made art and props for every major network, commercials, feature films,” he continues. “I work from home mostly and that’s great. My commute is 10 seconds!”

And Wright doesn’t mind the frenzied nature of the business.

“I don’t see myself being anything but a freelance artist or designer in some capacity. That’s just who i am,” he says. “I get to make fun, crazy stuff!”

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