January 24, 2017 01:45 PM

Episode 6 of AMERICAN DOERS, a new 12-part video series featuring original thinkers, innovators, craftspeople, risk-takers and artisans across the United States.

A boxing gym in Detroit, Michigan, is offering more than just fun in the ring.

Along with math and reading camps, computer programming classes and a kitchen to make sure that no kid goes home hungry, the youth program also features a music studio complete with instruments.

The founder of the Downtown Boxing Gym, Khali Sweeney, says his team is in the midst of remodeling the the space into a real studio. A sign at the front door to the room reminds students to wash their hands before picking up an instrument and that only one can be played at a time.

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Sweeney’s blown away by what the program has done for one young man who has mastered the piano keys.

“Who would have known that this kid had this talent had he not not been exposed to the piano here,” he said.

While boxing is what initially draws the kids to the gym, once they’re inside, the students can learn, study and be exposed to new worlds.

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