Homeless Man Who Donated 18 Cents to Church Wants to Remain Anonymous

"I want this gift to be between me, God and the church," he told the pastor of the church where he left the donation


Ann Huskey has helped organize what s called the Muffin Ministry at First United Methodist church in Charlotte for years.

She and a handful of other volunteers feed 150 homeless people before church every Sunday morning and in the process she s had a chance to get to know the regulars.

That s why Huskey wasn’t surprised to hear that the homeless man who has touched the nation with his 18-cent donation and handwritten note wants to remain anonymous.

“He s a very humble person he doesn t want to be noticed or recognized, Huskey, 70, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Earlier this week church volunteers were going through Sunday s collection plate and found the scribbled message on an envelope with a small donation inside.

“Please don’t be mad. I don’t have much. I’m homeless. God Bless,” it read.

Inside the envelope? A mere eighteen cents.

People across the country heard about the story – including the man who wrote the note.

“We had a voicemail from the individual and I called him back and when I reached him he was a nearby soup kitchen having lunch,” says Reverend Patrick Hamrick.

“I said, ‘There are people that are willing to help you financially. They are concerned about you,’ ” he says.

“He said ‘Nope, I want this gift to be between me, God and the church.’ ” he says. “And so he wishes to remain anonymous.

Still, Hamrick is hoping to connect the homeless donor with a local businessman who wants to offer him a job.

Huskey is hoping the rest of us will also take something away from this.

“You can do anything – no matter how big or how little – as long as you’re helping somebody,” she says.

“Everybody can do something to help those less fortunate than they are.”

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