Meet the Hero Models Who Rescued Children From a Freezing Central Park Pond

Two models are being hailed as heroes after rescuing a group of children and teenagers who fell into the freezing waters of a Central Park pond

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Two models are being hailed as heroes after rescuing a group of children and teenagers who fell into the freezing waters of a Central Park pond, but the men say they were simply at the right place at the right time.

“I’m still shaking and am completely shook by what I experienced,” Bennett Jonas wrote in an Instagram post after the incident. “But I’m alive and so are the 6 other kids who got very lucky tonight.”

Jonas and Ethan Turnbull were skateboarding in the famous New York park on Monday when they spotted the group of kids — ranging in age from 10 to 16 — trying to take a picture on the ice, the models said during a Wednesday appearance on Good Morning America.

“The ice had actually broken … it actually cracked and fallen through and within those moments we just had to get down there and get them out,” Turnbull said of the kids.

Jonas described the scene as “chaotic,” noting that the children were frantically trying to climb out of the “brutal,” freezing water.

“As I was entering the water, going in to it … they’re trying to get out as much as you’re trying to get them out,” Jonas said. “You’re their way out so they’re trying to get on top of you, get out any way they can.”

A 13-year-old told CBS2 that he and his friends had thrown things on to the ice to make sure it would not crack before they all walked out onto the pond.

“We were going to take a picture on the ice, and then one of my friends slipped, and once he fell, we all fell in the water,” Kevin McQueen said.

At least six people had initially fallen into the water. All were rescued and taken to nearby hospitals with minor hypothermia-related injuries, CBS2 reports.

In the wake of the incident, Jonas and Turnbull took to Instagram to detail the harrowing situation in their own words — and to post a few model-esque photos of themselves near the broken ice.

Teenagers Rescued After Falling Through the Ice in Central Park

In one shot, Turnbull showed off his sparkling smile, and Jonas sported a serious expression as they posed alongside the pond.Jonas frequently lends his dashing looks to clothing company Southern Tide and Man of the World magazine. Meanwhile, Turnbull has boasted of modeling gigs with Calvin Klein.

This isn’t the first time heroes have garnered additional attention thanks to their good looks. In April 2015, four Swedish cops vacationing in New York made headlines after breaking up a fight on the subway, according to ABC News. Some social media users compared the men’s handsome features to that of a “mid-90s boy band.”

More information on ice safety can be found here.

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