Groom Rescues Boy from Drowning During His Wedding Photo Shoot — and the Photographer Captured Everything!

A newlywed couple's wedding photo shoot turned into a life-saving situation when they noticed a little boy in danger


A newlywed couple’s wedding photo shoot turned into a life-saving situation when the groom noticed a little boy in danger.

Clayton and Brittany Cook were taking wedding photos in a park near Kitchener, Ontario, on Sept. 22, as a group of young children excitedly watched. As Brittany posed for a picture, Clayton kept a close eye on the three kids who had been following them around and cheering them on.

“We were walking around getting our pictures taken and I had stopped to get pictures just of me taken,” Brittany told the BBC. “Clayton was waiting by the pond, waiting for his turn.”


Clayton said: “I walked over and they were looking down in the water. That’s when I saw the boy in the water struggling to keep his head up. He was swaying his arms quite a bit. That’s when I was able to jump down and was just able to reach his hand. I yelled at him, ‘grab my hand, grab my hand.’ ”

Clayton, in his wedding suit, didn’t hesitate to jump in and rescue the boy.


“He was in a lot of shock,” said Clayton. “I think he was fighting for longer than I even thought.”

Brittany says at first she thought her new husband had jumped into the water as a joke, but when she and the photographer realized what was happening, the photo shoot quickly turned to Clayton and the children.

“It’s a happy story and that’s why I like promoting it,” he said. “There is a lot going on these days and and it’s good story and everyone ended up safe and that’s what’s important.”

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