'Grey's Anatomy:' Burning Questions

Is Izzie losing it? Has Dr. Bailey gone soft? Our TV critic ponders the answers. Plus: Ask us a burning question of your own!

1. Is Izzie milking it? Or just losing it?

The thing about Izzie (Katherine Heigl) is that you’re expected to always be worrying about her, as if she were a problem child. This gets to be exhausting. Izzie Izzie Izzie, tizzy tizzy tizzy. First she’s almost literally paralyzed by grief over the death of Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) – understandable, since Heigl and Morgan made a great romantic team. Now she’s worth some $8 million, thanks to Denny’s estate, and dreamily wondering how to use it. As of last week, though, no one could quite persuade her to deposit the check. I’m fine, she kept saying with a smile and a disturbing faraway look in her eyes. She’s probably seeing Denny’s shadowy spirit waving on the horizon. How about getting back to work?

2. Has Dr. Bailey gotten too nice?

The staff still refers to her as the Nazi, but since she had her baby she’s too much of a softie. She actually wept along with a patient. (Am I correct in remembering she even resorted to that old cliché of turning her back to the wall and sliding down to the floor? Or was I doing that at home while watching?) The other week she gave an upbeat talk to a salesman whose face had been burnt off. Now, Chandra Wilson is too clever an actress not to suggest that Dr. Bailey must have been bluffing, to some degree, when she told the salesman how love and respect were what mattered in his career, and not a little thing like a face. It’s just that she used to play Bailey with such strong, unflinching conviction – she seemed like practically the only person in the cast you’d trust to handle an IV feed. Now she’s more like an overwrought candy striper.

3. Can we move past Greysgate?

It’s unfortunate – and frustrating, annoying and stupid – that reports of the cast’s real-life fights have disrupted the show’s atmosphere of free-floating romance. Grey’s is more about the invisible chemistry of love and friendship than the clinical practice of medicine.

Well, T.R. Knight is a very good actor in a very good cast, and his character, Dr. O’Malley, was always more of a McPuppy than a McDreamy: There’s no reason I won’t continue to enjoy watching O’Malley sort out his feelings for Drs. Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Torres (Sara Ramirez). But it may take a few episodes to get past all the distraction. It s like a small mean voice whispering over the hospital page system.

Beyond Grey’s – and thinking of celebrities – do you have a BURNING QUESTION of your own? Ask us!

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