In this exclusive clip of an upcoming ABC News documentary, a survivor of the Grenfell Towers fire shares his harrowing story

By Jason Duaine Hahn
July 12, 2017 04:22 PM

A survivor of London’s Grenfell Tower fire recounts the extreme lengths he was willing to go to save himself and his family in this exclusive clip from ABC News’ documentary, Surviving the Inferno: Escaping Grenfell Tower.

As the fire engulfed the building on June 14, Oluwaseun Talabi was so desperate to find escape that he tied together bed sheets to climb from a window on the 14th-floor of the 24-story building.

“I tied it as strong as I could, then I tied it around the window, tied it so hard, as hard as I could,” Talabi says in the clip. “I wasn’t looking to die in there.”

Credit: AP Photo/Matt Dunham

As his family pleaded with him not to do it, Talabi climbed out of the window. Then he asked for his daughter to hold on to his back—but she was crying and too afraid to do so. Once he saw she wouldn’t join him, Talabi decided he had to get back inside. But as he dangled outside of the window with the fire below him, he struggled to lift himself inside—until two Syrian refugees came to the rescue.

Surviving the Inferno: Escaping Grenfell Tower premieres July 13 on, the ABC News mobile apps and streaming providers including Roku, Apple TV, Hulu and Xbox One.