"Life couldn't be more perfect right now!" Ryan Holtan-Murphy tells PEOPLE. "I married my best friend and now my name is Packer."

By Rose Minutaglio
June 21, 2017 05:04 PM
Credit: JPP Studios

It’s green and gold all the way for Ryan Holtan-Murphy and Marie Packer.

The Chicago couple tied the knot at the famed Willis Tower last Saturday, and their wedding was totally decked out in Green Bay Packers decorations, signs and even a surprise green suit worn by the groom.

And to top it all off? The bride’s last name is — drumroll — Packer.

“Life couldn’t be more perfect right now!” Holtan-Murphy, 41, tells PEOPLE. “I married my best friend and now my name is Packer.”

Although his name isn’t changed legally just quite yet, Holtan-Murphy can’t wait until the paperwork comes through.

“We’re a Packer family now!” adds Packer.

Credit: JPP Studios

The couple met at a bar in Madison, Wisconsin, and Holtan-Murphy quickly thought Packer was “too good to be true.”

“I demanded two forms of ID,” he recalls. “I’m such a Packers nut, I literally thought she was playing a practical joke on me.”

But, as it turns out, she wasn’t.

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“And I promise I didn’t just marry her for the name!” he adds with a laugh. “The more I got to know her, I was like, ‘This girl is perfect for me. She’s fun, beautiful, smart, tough and her last name is Packer.’ To me, it was a flashing neon sign like ‘Hey idiot, this is the one.’ ”

Credit: Ryan Holtan-Murphy

Packer, a 38-year-old ER doctor, grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and is a big college football fan. On the other hand, Holtan-Murphy, a Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, native “grew up living and breathing everything Packers.”

“It really brought our family together,” Holtan-Murphy, an attorney, says. “I’m slowly transitioning Marie into a fan, with history and songs.

“And she’s starting to come around to the idea of wearing cheese on her head.”

Credit: Ryan Holtan-Murphy

With his deep love for the team, it was only appropriate that Holtan-Murphy incorporate the Packers into his wedding.

The couple had a sign at the venue that read “Meet the Packers,” and Holtan-Murphy had custom-made Packers jerseys with “Mr. Packer” and “Dr. Packer” on the back.

But the cherry on top was a surprise custom suit Holtan-Murphy sported at his wedding reception.

He’s a spontaneous, crazy, love-crazed maniac,” Packer tells PEOPLE with a laugh. “I turn around at the wedding and he’s in the Green Bay top-to-bottom suit and it’s so hideous but so amazing.”

The couple, currently honeymooning in Turks and Caicos, say there might even be little Packers running around one day.

“We’re starting with pets,” says Holtan-Murphy. “But you never know!”