Grandpa Eats Wedding Meal Next to Memorial for His Late Wife in Touching Photo

Bride Sahrah Elswick wrote that the sight of her grandfather eating by the memorial made her "cry uncontrollably"

Sahrah Elswick's Grandfather Heartbreaking photo shows bride's grandfather eating alone next to memorial for late wife CR: Sahrah Elswick/Twitter
Photo: Sahrah Elswick/Twitter

A grandfather who took time to celebrate his granddaughter’s wedding with his late wife is tugging at heartstrings across the internet thanks to a viral photo capturing the special moment.

Sahrah Elswick knew she wanted to be able to spend her big day with her late loved ones, so the West Virginia bride arranged a memorial that consisted of a rocking chair adorned with family photos, lights and a message that read, “We know you would be here today if heaven wasn’t so far away.”

What she didn’t expect was for her grandfather Billy Gray to take his wedding meal to the memorial so he could share a tender moment with his late wife, Barbara, who died two years ago.

The scene, in which Gray sits on a bale of hay in front of the chair, was caught on camera and shared to Twitter by Elswick.

“Pawpaw sat and ate with mawmaw today at my wedding,” she wrote, referring to her grandparents by their nicknames. She later noted that her grandmother is seen in the top left photo.

Elswick wrote on Twitter that she did not take the photo, but was watching him from behind and “crying uncontrollably” as Gray sat next to her brother.

“He’s so sweet I can’t handle it,” she wrote. “It’s been 2 years without her and I still can’t believe it.”

The newlywed told Best Life that her grandparents had been married for 45 years before Barbara died of colon cancer.

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“My grandpa helped with the trash run in their hometown and he went to their house to pick up her garbage and she was outside,” she said. “He thought she was the most beautiful woman and asked her what her name was, and he says the rest is history.”

The tweet stirred up some serious emotion online, with many users writing that the moment brought them to tears.

“Hi yes it’s exactly 10 AM and I would like to NOT be bawling my eyes out on a Sunday morning,” one user wrote.

Added another, “I loved your tribute to your grandparents. This is what marriage truly is. You stay together through thick and thin.”

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