5-Year-Old Girl Writes Letter to Mailman Asking for Unicorn — and He Delivers: 'So Thoughtful'

In addition to the stuffed animal, the Richland, Washington, mailman also brought Alice Aardal a puzzle and card

Alice Aardal mailman unicorn
Alice Aardal with her unicorn. Photo: Courtesy Melissa Aardal

A little girl recently got a sweet surprise from her local mailman after she asked him to deliver her a stuffed unicorn — and he followed through.

Melissa Aardal said she was blown away by the kindness of the mailman in her Washington neighborhood after he went out of his way to deliver a unicorn to her 5-year-old daughter Alice, ABC affiliate KOMO reported.

"Somebody went above and beyond and kind of made something real for somebody," the Richland mom explained to the outlet. "That's just so awesome that that's happening and somebody was just so thoughtful."

Melissa explained that the sweet encounter came to be because her daughter believes their local mailman is like Santa Claus since he frequently delivers packages.

Alice Aardal mailman unicorn
Alice Aardal with her unicorn.

With that idea in mind, Alice recently wrote a letter to the mailman asking him to bring her a unicorn.

The Marcus Witman Elementary School student even drew a picture of the mythical creature in her letter, demonstrating her love for them, according to the outlet.

Melissa told KOMO she didn't expect anything in return, especially because they had never met their mailman, but helped her daughter put it in the mailbox anyway.

A week later, Melissa and Alice were shocked to find a surprise waiting outside their home.

Alice Aardal mailman unicorn
A letter from the mailman. Courtesy Melissa Aardal

As it turned out, the mailman had followed through with Alice's request and left her a pink, stuffed unicorn, a unicorn puzzle and a card, KOMO reported.

The sweet note read, "Dear Alice, I spoke with the unicorn and we agreed her powers are too much for a little girl, but if you put enough love into this figure of her, she may come to life," and was signed, "The Mailman."

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Alice said she was thrilled to see her wish come true, telling KOMO of her new stuffed unicorn, "I love her."

The 5-year-old also told the outlet she named her unicorn Twilight because "she's sparkly."

As a token of their appreciation, Melissa left the mailman a thank you card and a charm bracelet made by Alice, according to KOMO.

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