Isla Glaser was home with her younger siblings on Dec. 6 when her mom Haley Glaser collapsed and was unresponsive

A 4-year-old girl is being called a hero for saving her mother’s life after she calmly called 911 and led first responders to her home.

Isla Glaser was with her younger siblings on Dec. 6 at their Somerset, New Jersey, home when their mom, Haley Glaser, suddenly collapsed, NBC 4 New York reported.

The child attempted to wake her unresponsive mother — but when she was unsuccessful in her efforts, Isla knew she had to call for help.

In an incredible 911 call, which was released by police and obtained by the local outlet, Isla calmly reported what had happened to the dispatcher.

“My mommy falled down and she can’t talk,” she said, adding that her mom was not sleeping after the dispatcher asked.

The dispatcher went on to ask Isla a series of questions about the incident, including if her mom’s eyes were open, what room in the house they were in, where her dad was and if her mom had any “boo-boos.”

Isla Glaser
Isla Glaser
| Credit: Franklin Township Police Department

Isla answered them all and even explained that her mother had been sick and was experiencing a fever before she collapsed.

When asked if anyone else was home, the young girl revealed that she was with her 2-year-old sister and her 1-year-old twin brothers.

“Okay, I’ll let you know when they’re there. Stay on the line with me until then,” the dispatcher said.

Shortly after, the Franklin Township Police Department finally arrived at the residence, where they discovered that the door was locked but were able to talk Isla into opening it.

Amazingly, Isla was able to push a chair to the door on her own and stand on top of it to let them in — all while hushing the family’s dog who was loudly barking at the guests outside.

Impressively, Isla also managed to feed her younger siblings breakfast as first responders tended to her mother and sweetly reassured them that “everything would be OK,” Franklin Police said.

Isla’s mother was transported to a hospital, where she was treated for four days, according to NBC 4 New York. Franklin Police did not disclose to the outlet what caused the mother of four to collapse but confirmed that she was now at home recovering.

On Wednesday, the police department honored Isla in front of a large group of reporters for her swift, life-saving actions that they said: “saved the life of her mother.”

“Today we got to commend Isla for the great job she did calling 9-1-1 to get her mom help,” the department wrote on Facebook after the celebratory event. “It was amazing to… celebrate this amazing young lady!”

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For her “brave and heroic efforts,” the department presented Isla with a number of small gifts — including a pen, a limited edition challenge coin, and a frisbee — but was also made an honorary junior police officer and given an official hat, arm patch and badge.

“I’m really grateful that she wasn’t nervous because she made the call,” Haley told reporters on Wednesday. “That truly saved my life.”