Girl, 11, Hailed a Hero After Saving 7-Week-Old Baby Sister's Life: 'It's Just Amazing'

"When I came back into the room her face was grey and her lips were white," Lyla Morgan said

Girl saves sister
Photo: Unity Point Health – Waterloo

An 11-year-old girl is being celebrated for her quick-thinking after she miraculously revived her 7-week-old baby sister after the infant stopped breathing.

Lyla Morgan explained that she was at home with little Lilya Castillo earlier this month when she noticed the baby was unresponsive.

“When I came back into the room her face was grey and her lips were white and she was just laying there, she wasn’t breathing,” Lyla said in a video shared by UnityPoint Health — Waterloo.

That’s when Lyla sprang into action. Her mom Amanda Paigly, who was not at home during the time of the incident, explained in the clip, “I was at work and about an hour after I had left from lunch the baby had stopped breathing.”

“My older daughter blew a little puff of air in the baby’s mouth, she didn’t know what else to do and she proceeded to call 911,” Paigly said.

Lyla’s heroic act proved to be life saving as Lilya started to breath again.

“She just started to breath again and we went outside and she started to make noises,” Lyla said in the video.

Medic Alex Bentley also spoke out about the incident explaining that when he arrived on the scene, “I immediately grabbed a hold of the baby [and] started trying to get her to cry.”

By the time they got the baby to the ambulance, she was crying and breathing on her own.

“It’s just amazing a 11-year-old could do that,” medic Steven Sinnwell, who was also on the scene, said in the clip.

“For her to be able to step up at age 11, that is very impressive,” Bentley added.

Paigly, overcome with emotion, fought back tears when trying to express how proud she is of Lyla.

“I’m super proud of her, I’m just really proud,” Paigly said in the video. “I’m really blessed with having such a great child.”

To further honor her efforts, the UnityPoint Health — Marshalltown Emergency Department and Marshalltown Mayor Joel Greer presented Lyla with a UnityPoint Health Hero certificate, Times Republican reported.

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