Oriya Atal reminds everyone not to go outside — and to especially stay away from the mall

A young girl is making sure that everyone remembers to practice good safety measures while combating the spread of coronavirus.

In a video that has recently gone viral on social media, Oriya Atal of Israel reminds her mother, Tal Rozilio, of the many places they aren’t allowed to go while protecting themselves and others from the dangerous virus.

“It is forbidden to go outside because there is corona,” Oriya says, according to a translation posted to the Good News Movement’s Instagram. “Do you understand me?!”

She also does not mince words when her mother then jokingly asks if people are still allowed to go to the mall.

“It is forbidden to go! It is forbidden to go to the mall,” Oriya says. “It is even forbidden to go to Gymboree!”

“Do you understand me?!” she adds. “So don’t go outside because there is corona!”

While Oriya is unquestionably adorable, the message she is conveying is an important one.

There is currently no available vaccine to stave off coronavirus, and health organizations like the CDC are asking people to stay indoors and away from others in a bid to slow the virus that has already sickened hundreds of thousands around the world.

Corona Virus Girl
Young girl gives coronavirus PSA
| Credit: Tal Rozilio

In the U.S., many states are now under stay-at-home orders that have led to the closures of shops, beaches, restaurants, movie theaters and more.

Many of these mandates also ask residents to work from home unless they provide essential services. Essential service providers include grocery store workers, firefighters, police officers, gas station attendants and pharmacists — so yes, that means stores like Gymboree will be closed for the foreseeable future.

According to the New York Times, coronavirus has sickened more than 759,000 around the world as of Monday afternoon. The United States is now home to the most coronavirus cases of any other country, with 156,391 cases and 2,897 deaths, the outlet added. Meanwhile, Israel has seen 4,695 cases and 16 deaths, the Times reported.

On Sunday, President Donald Trump extended the U.S. federal government’s social distancing guidelines to April 30.

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