6-Year-Old Girl Secretly Buys Nearly $400 Worth of Toys from Her Mom's Amazon Account

Katelyn Lunt went on an online shopping spree using her mother's Amazon account

Photo: Catherine and Mike Lunt

Though she is only 6 years old, Katelyn Lunt knows how to “treat yo self” a little too well!

After Katelyn spent a recent day doing extra chores around the house, mom Catherine Lunt surprised her by ordering a Barbie doll from Amazon — a token of appreciation for a job well done. But crafty Katelyn was so filled with excitement that she soon asked her mother if she could glance at the Amazon account on their computer to check the delivery date of her new toy.

“She wanted to get on and see when it was going to arrive,” Catherine, Pleasant View, Utah, tells PEOPLE. “When I left the room she went crazy and ordered what she calls a ‘Barbie Collection.’ ”

Unbeknownst to Catherine, once Katelyn hopped on the online shopping store, she treated herself to almost $400 worth of Barbies, games and toys. It wasn’t until Catherine checked a separate Amazon order on Friday that she was alerted to the enormous list of playthings that was headed her way.

“I saw a few items that I didn’t recognize and I was able to cancel them,” she recalls. “But then, as I kept looking, there were two or three pages of items that had already shipped!”

Catherine and Mike Lunt

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Then, the very next morning as the family returned from a walk, a group of boxes were dropped off in the family’s driveway. Turns out, Katelyn was savvy enough to select two-day shipping!

“It was hilarious so we had to take pictures,” Catherine says. “Her face pretty much says it all!”

Instead of shipping the toys back, Catherine wanted to use the experience to show her daughter a lesson in generosity. So the family visited Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City and donated Katelyn’s toy loot to the kids seeking treatment at the facility.

Catherine says Katelyn was once a patient at the hospital as a baby, during the week after she was born.

Catherine and Mike Lunt

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“We were going to send the packages back to Amazon but we decided to donate them,” Catherine says. “Katelyn helped us deliver the packages, so I guess we used it more as a teaching moment than a time for punishment.”

Katelyn was allowed to keep a single Barbie — the one she was initially supposed to receive as a prize for her chores.

But Katelyn did not escape the situation unscathed, Catherine says, as she is now banned from using Amazon!

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