4-Year-Old Girl Becomes Youngest Person to Summit Every Adirondack High Peak

Maebh Nesbitt completed her final peak just two days before her fifth birthday, becoming the youngest member of the "46ers Club"

One young girl from upstate New York is living proof that you’re never too young to achieve your goals!

Maebh Nesbitt became the youngest person to summit all 46 of the Adirondack Mountains’ high peaks at 4 years old last month, checking the last peak off her list just two days before she turned 5.

Maebh’s mother, Siobhan Carney-Nesbitt, told Good Morning America that it became a family goal once they realized how much their little girl loved the outdoors and hiking with her mom.

“Just before she turned four we said, ‘Let’s go hike, you can hike with mommy’ — she just loved it,” Siobhan said. “It kind of became all of our goal as she continued to hike.”

Maebh’s love for hitting the trails seems to have been destined, as Siobhan said that she had a dream while pregnant with her daughter that “we would hike together then when she was big enough.”

Hikers who complete the daunting challenge — the highest peak, Mount Marcy, clocks in at an 5,344 ft elevation — become members of the “46ers club,” for which Siobhan happens to be president. Her husband, Lee Nesbitt, is also in the group.

Maebh Nesbitt
Maebh Nesbitt. ABC

“I said that she can’t have the sticker for your water bottle until you climb every peak and earn it,” Siobhan told GMA.

That sticker was motivation enough for Maebh, who beat the record set by 5-year-old twins in 1999 for the club’s youngest member.

“Maebh has been hiking since she could walk,” Siobhan said, adding that “there are so many small hikes that you can start with and build up to it, and they can do it.”

Siobhan explained to GMA that Maebh would chose to spend time in nature over anything else.

“If you don’t offer the TV, she doesn’t ask for it, she likes to be outside,” she said.

Maebh Nesbitt

After conquering the peaks, Maebh told GMA that other boys and girls should hike, too, because “it’s so much fun!”

Proud mom Siobhan is still basking in joy over her daughter’s victory.

“It brings tears to my eyes, I’m so proud of her accomplishment, it started out as my little dream,” she told the outlet. “My dream became hers, and she did it.”

And Maebh is proud of herself, too. After summiting the final peak in the challenge, her mom said to GMA “you could just see her beaming.”

“All the way down she just beamed.”

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